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The Benefits and Differences of The Jade Roller and Gua Sha Tool

What is Jade Rolling? 

Jade Rolling has been used in ancient Chinese medicine for centuries. It is a simple technique using a roller to apply pressure to the skin and underlying tissue to create movement beneath the surface. Here are some key benefits and differences between the jade roller and the Gua Sha tool.

  • Product penetration. Jade rolling is an effective way to help skincare products penetrate more deeply (use with a facial mist or oil). 
  • Lymphatic penetration. Jade rolling is helpful for microcirculation of fluid, or lymph, which means that it can help reduce puffiness (in some cases). 
  • It feels great and is easy to use. Contact with the stone – is a relaxing way to treat your skin, and it will not take up a lot of time. It doesn’t take a lot of instruction or practice to use- this is important to consider because when something is easy, we’re more likely to do it.

Gua sha and jade roller tool for healthy glowing skin, lymphatic drainage massage


What is Facial Gua Sha?

It is a formal Chinese Medicine technique that involves scraping a flat jade or rose quartz stone over the skin in upward strokes to relax stiff muscles and promote tissue drainage. But unlike a traditional Gua Sha massage, it won’t leave bruise-like marks on your face because it’s done with a much lighter hand. The Gua Sha strokes are practiced much more slowly and gently, resulting in more comfort and relaxation.

  • Improves total circulation. Facial Gua Sha helps improve lymph circulation (and thus drainage), but it also improves the quality of blood circulation, which means improved blood flow and less puffiness. It also improves energy (“qi”) circulation (google what this is)- This is an important distinction. 
  • Product penetration. As with the jade roller, Gua Sha is also great with your moisturizing routine and is also a very effective way to help products penetrate more deeply.
  • Release and relax tension. Facial Gua Sha is a handy tool for relaxing tension in the face and neck. Not only does it feel amazing, but it also softens tension from “poor face posture” (brought on by active facial muscles.) We use Gua Sha to bring back a “relaxed” face, which in turn looks refreshed and more youthful.
  • Sculpt, contour, and shape. Facial Gua Sha uses a stroke that creates pressure and stretch at the same time, which makes it more effective than the jade roller for sculpting facial features like cheeks and jawline. Gua Sha tools designed with shapes, fit around facial curves, which intensify this benefit even more. 
  • Fine lines, wrinkles, and texture. A jade roller can reduce fine lines and wrinkles, but a Gua Sha tool designed with multiple shapes and edges can be used in many more ways, and as a result, will be more effective. For instance, you can use a comb edge or turn the tool on its narrow side, then work with a quick and light stroke to smooth texture or lines. There are just more options available when using a Gua Sha tool. 
  • It feels great. Facial Gua Sha takes this to another level and leaves you feeling even better. (There are reports that some experience relief from headaches and sinus congestion.) 
  • It is built for curves. The different shapes and edges of a Gua Sha tool are designed to “sculpt and contour” through contact with the different curves of your face and body. Some edges are best for the bones (ex. cheek, jaw, and brow), while others are better for the muscular areas like the jaw muscle. 


If you’re trying to choose between the Jade Rolling and Facial Gua Sha, your willingness to learn proper Gua Sha technique should be a deciding factor. Learning how to use either tool will require effort; there’s just no way around it.

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I love it!! 🤍

The jade roller is such a nice touch to the oil! I love putting it in the fridge and using it in the morning to roll on my face. Makes my face look plump with the cooling sensation of the roller. It’s a must with a good skincare rountine! And the oil is my absolutely favorite. So hydrating and smells amazing!


This is literally my favorite part of my everyday routine, this oil is so versatile!!! Its hydrating yet nit heavy!! I am obsessed!!!

Getting My Glow Back

I absolutely love this oil. I used to work for a luxury retailer and had access to the most expensive and prestigious skincare brands. This oil is far better than any I have ever used. It makes my skin feel smooth, soft and amazing. I've been going through cancer treatments this last year which has changed my skin. My skin was looking lackluster, parched and lifeless. Using this oil gives me my glow back. And I love applying it to my smells so good! I am always worried when using something new because my skin has become so sensitized from all the treatments but I have had zero irritation from this. It's perfect for me.

My go to

I have very oily acne prone skin, so I was very hesitant to try an “oil”. I’m now in my 3rd bottle and I can’t see myself using anything else. Not only is my skin glowing but I get compliments everyday asking what I use. Thank you Amour360!

Love this brand

This is not my first time purchasing this sec time I love this product so so much the smell the smoothness it feel in my skin amazing I highly recommend this product