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There’s no neutral stance on oils; everyone has an opinion. I’ve been using this face oil for a few months now and absolutely love it! So why are oils so special? Because they can function as an occlusive and as an emollient which helps soften skin and can keep your skin hydrated throughout the day. How? They put a sealant on your skin by coating the top layer; this is different from pulling in water and hydrating skin. I save the oil as the final step of my skin-care routine because I want it to act as a gatekeeper to my skin’s hydration, which also will help keep moisture from escaping. A little goes a long way. I’ve also discovered that it works great as a make-up primer. If you want that extra “glow” give this a try.

Verna M. @themeztizamuse

This oil helped clear my skin of my breakouts and minimize my pores. It has also helped brighten my skin, making my face appeared to look awake and refreshed. Giovanna Garcia, 16 Yrs old H.S Student.

Giovanna G@giovannaa.r

I love it. It’s the oil that I compare all my other oils to. It’s ultra hydrating and when I was testing it I got complements almost everyday about how beautiful my complexion and skin looked. I have pretty sensitive skin and since some of the oils sink down into your skin and help with cellular turnover I thought maybe it might be too strong but I was wrong, it was just perfect and what I needed.


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I love the way it makes my face feel! It feels so hydrated 😁

Best oil yet

Where can i start? This oil smells amazing, makes your skin glow and makes it feel hydrated and soft.

Best face oil

This oil is absolutely amazing! I was never one to use oils on the face, but A'mour360 is different from any oil I have tried. It moisturizes without leaving your face oily. It quickly absorbs on your skin so you won't think you even have oil on your face! This is my 2nd bottle and I plan to continue using it as part of my skin regimen.


Moisturizing oil makes skin feel soft and supple.

A'Mour 360

I have only been using the oil for about a week and a half and I already love it! My skin is naturally oily but had some dry spots. Combining the oil with Skintasy's face cream has really smoothed out my skin and is dimishing blemishes and some fine lines I was beginning to develop.